Vin Diesel, Emma Watson and Katherine Waterston Share Details On Upcoming Films

Real fans do not only watch movies, but engross their lives in them. Fans are always curious to see what’s new in the upcoming movies starring their favorite celebrities. Fans always love to hear directly from celebrity interviews, and getting their takes on the films, rather than watching the trailer, as they have a better ability to give a backstory than a trailer.
Here are some interviews we pulled from different celebrities, sharing some information on their upcoming movies.
Emma Watson (The Beauty and the Beast)

When talking to Emma Watson about her upcoming romantic movie Beauty and the Beast, a live action remake of the 1991 Disney animated classic, that it weighed heavily on her, whether or not she should star in the movie. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, she confessed that portraying a victim in the Disney live-action musical was something that she had a tough time deciding upon at the beginning, but she is very glad she went with her gut.
Vin Diesel (The Fate of the Furious)

Vin Diesel has revealed some details of the upcoming The Fate of the Furious, saying that it will bring on the drama, while including large amounts of action that the series is known for. He claims that audiences will enjoy the suspense that unfolds during the course of the film, and also that this upcoming movie will break all the records, and set new ones.
Katherine Waterston (Alien Covenant)

In an interview with the star of the film, Katherine Waterson, she had stated that during the course of filming the movie, Alien covenant, the cast and crew were extremely helpful in ensuring that they would create the best movie possible. She shared that making the film was a great experience, and she loves working in the realm of science fiction, especially when it involves aspects full of horror.

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