Tom Hardy To Play Starring Role In Upcoming ‘Venom’ Film

Sony Pictures has validated rumors of an upcoming Venom film with actor Tom Hardy playing the role of the popular character. With many film projects that Marvel has planned for the future, Venom will be what hopefully is first of many from Sony Pictures and Marvel.
With the third Spider-Man reboot coming out this summer, it only makes sense that Sony Pictures is looking to expand their movie universe. Now it isn’t the first time that Venom has appeared on the big screen, the character played a role on the 2007 comic book film Spider-Man 3, but wasn’t received well with viewers.

Now with a the characters solo debut, we hope that his character and his universe is done right.
It’s amazing to see actors play back and forth from the Marvel and DC Comics universe, and we welcome Tom Hardy in the Marvel universe from his transition from his work in Batman.

Scheduled to release late next year, Venom will hit the big screen on October 5, 2018.

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